Considering having your sewer line repaired or replaced?

Its important to gather as much information as possible regarding your sewer prior to starting any sewer service. Just because you’ve had a backup it does not warrant the replacement of your sewer just because a plumber or contractor says so. Its best to have a professional company like SWG plumbing perform a camera inspection on the sewer line. With the camera we will be able to see exactly what is going on with the pipe, the severity, as well as the location of the occurrence. Sometimes the pipe may be too clogged to get camera inspection equipment through which could indicate a broken pipe and will need to be repaired immediately.


Experiencing backups for a length of time?

Sometimes you can experience problematic backups for months or even years at a time, in which case you may have roots breaking through your pipes and growing from within the sewer line causing consistent sewer issues. These types of occurrences will most likely constitute a full replacement of your sewer line. Root issues are most common when you have trees within a 40 feet of your sewer line, tree roots can grow up to double the length of the tree branches growing above ground, so Its always wise to perform regular sewer maintenance if you have a tree near your home.


Other reasons to consider sewer repair/maintenance

When planning a renovation to your home – Its always a good idea to check on your sewer line if you are planning on making any changes to the front of your home. Its possible to begin a new project on your home such as a new porch or paved flooring and then later discover that underneath all of the new construction there is a sewer line problem! This can obviously cause some major headaches.

When planning on selling your home – A new and functional sewer line is a great selling point when putting your home up for sale. The last thing you want is to be in the final stage of closing when an inspector becomes aware of a sewer line issue. This could slow down the closing for weeks or even stop the sale completely


Sewer line replacement options

Traditional sewer line replacements - These are typically performed by digging up the surrounding area to access the sewer line issue. Once the repair is made the surroundings are put back into the area around the line. This option is typically exercised if the pipes are old, or if the configuration is such as to not allow any other methods of repair.

Trenchless repair - This method uses access holes at the start and end of the line and then pushes new pipe through the access points driving the old pipe out simultaneously. This type of repair causes much less damage because the excavation requirements are so minimal, leaving gardens and paved ways un-affected.