Think you are having a slab leak in Orange County?


Some plausible reasons to suspect that you have a slab leak

  • Higher than average water bills – even though this could elude to other types of leaks, a slab leak is a probable cause.
  • Wet carpet or mildew underneath carpeting .
  • Visible cracks in your walls or also in your flooring.
  • Hot spots on floor.
  • Audible sound of running water even when there aren't any faucets running.

How does SWG Plumbing detect slab leaks?

At SWG Plumbing we use a variety of high-tech equipment to find exactly where a leak is located under the slab. The last thing you want is someone to use destructive methods to locate a leak when there are far better options to be considered first. Some of the methods we use to non-destructively locate your leak are: electronic amplification of sound which allows us to find the exact location of the leak by tracing the sound of running water, electromagnetic pipeline locators which are used to detect the exact location of the pipes, and often infrared energy may be utilized to detect heat and changes in temperature to locate hot water leaks.


How does SWG Repair slab leaks?

Once we have located exactly where the pinhole leak is we can then begin to discuss options for repair. We always attempt to repair using the least destructive method possible, such options may include:

  • Re-piping or re-routing – This is the process in which we determine the line that is leaking and abandon it completely, for instance if the line connecting your kitchen sink to your bathroom sink was the culprit we would cut the line and re connect it with new pipe using a new route.
  • Spot repair – This is when we open up the slab directly where the pinhole lea is and make the repair directly
  • Epoxy pipe coating – This is where we line the inside of the pipe with epoxy so that it seals the pinhole leaks, it’s the preferred method if there are many pinhole leaks and/or a re-route or spot repair aren’t suitable to the conditions.

Tips for avoiding slab leaks

  • Maintain a proper pressure throughout your home to reduce the corrosion.
  • Adjust the PH balance of your water using a filtration system.
  • Integrate regular checkups on your plumbing whenever possible.
  • Use care when dumping harmful chemicals down the drain.